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The MusicianFest: Never Too Old  documentary is being created in three forms to facilitate multiple usage on social media, in community meetings, and on digital outlets.  

The full-length, 27-minute documentary is available on digital and other outlets for individual viewings or for group viewings at community or meet-and-greet events.


A 10-minute version provides the essence of the MusicianFest: Never Too Old documentary and the Musicianfest initiative. This abridged version will be provided to the 200 local offices of the American Federation of Musicians for use on their websites and in meetings in their communities in the U.S. and Canada.


A 2-minute trailer can be used for multiple purposes to promote the need for music engagement with older adults, the availability of the film and of the MusicianFest project.

Official release of the film occured in March, 2019, with initial screenings at the participating senior centers in New York City, New Orleans and Long Beach, California; additional screenings will take place at local AFM offices and at music industry meetings and events.  

Screening Dates

          March 19                       NYC Premiere   @  VISIONS Center on Aging                     

          April 2                           New Orleans Premiere   @  Harmony House Senior Center 

          June 25                          Long Beach, CA Premiere @ Long Beach Senior Center

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