The Locations

"For these musicians to want to take their time to want to come here; it’s important to us. It makes us feel that someone cares. And we care about them and they care about us. So it’s a plus-plus for all of us."

--Norman Smith, Executive Director, Harmony House Senior Center (New Orleans, LA)


VISIONS Center on Aging, a senior center in New York City, specializes in providing services to blind and visually impaired seniors, providing insight into the multiple issues that can complicate the aging process. VISIONS Center on Aging is the first senior center exclusively designed for older adults who are blind or severely visually impaired in the United States. In October 2011, Mayor Bloomberg announced the selection of VISIONS  to operate one of eight Innovative Senior Centers, the "Cornerstone of the City's Age Friendly NYC Initiative." VISIONS Center on Aging offers support groups, computer training, adapted activities, congregate meals, breakfast voucher program and volunteer and social work services.


When Harmony House Senior Center began operation in 1976, the goal was to provide senior citizens assisted living, social activities and a host of recreational activities to enhance their day-to-day living, and to serve the senior population living throughout the Treme area and the city proper of New Orleans.
In the early days of Harmony House and under the direction of the Treme Community Education Program, we found many occasions to celebrate our music, arts and crafts, cooking, sewing and a large array of social activities. In 2008, we moved into a permanent home at 2201 Barracks Street where we serve 35 to 45 participants on a daily basis. The center is replete with arts and craft items and works of creativity that came from previous generations of senior participants at Harmony House Senior Center.


Long Beach Senior Center offers activities and programs range from arts and cultural experiences, dance, fitness, lifelong learning opportunities, enrichment, health and social services, nutrition, excursions, drop-in and special events, volunteerism and special interest groups. As the older adult population grows and becomes more diverse in Long Beach, the city has recognized that it is imperative to develop and implement strategies to meet the growing interests and needs of this population in Long Beach.

"We have over 700 people registered here and most are low income. Music is a huge medium  because most are totally blind or legally blind so they really relate to music, but they can’t necessarily afford to go to a Broadway show or get a ticket to see a concert."


--Carrie J. Lewy, Senior Center Director, VISIONS Center on Aging (New York City)